This site has moved

Since we wanted to grow bigger and better, we are now moving to our own new site

You can follow us on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Also We would love to have you join our communities.

For Parents – We have created a Facebook community Parenting- Sharing Our Experiences where we parents interact with each other, share what we do, ask queries, give suggestions and at times also get exclusive offers. It’s a support group and extended family for all of us on whom we can rely on.

Kids learn more easily when we make them learn through play n fun. We all know what to teach them but sometimes don’t know HOW? Early learning plays very important role in the child’s development, thus through this community all of us moms share what’s working for us and at times more importantly what is NOT working.


For Book Lovers – We have created a Facebook community- The Books Club where we book lovers interact with each other. You can share, buy or sell your pre-loved books or buy books from other mompreneurs.

This is our small initiative to reuse books, save money and support mompreneurs.

For those who want to start your own blog or make a website – We have created a Facebook community – Make a website using WordPress where I share my learning and experience of how I built Sharing Our Experiences using WordPress with minimal coding knowledge. Its taken me multiple years to get to where I am and to get this site to look the way it does.

Join to read WordPress tutorials on how to make a website using WordPress.


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