Gift Ideas – DIY Hand crafted paper quilled greeting card !


There are times when I wonder what to gift my dear ones on their birthday, anniversary or any such occasion. While searching for such gift ideas luckily I came across something called paper quilling.

Well, Paper Quilling is nothing but an art of rolling paper strips to create designs. This technique can be used to create greeting cards, wall hangings, earrings and a lot more.

This reminded me of my school days (good old days) when I used to make greeting cards. I was in an hostel so buying a card from the shelf was not always feasible and to be honest there was more fun in getting creative and making cards from materials available. I loved presenting those cards and gifts to my mom and brother and seeing the love and appreciation in their eyes.

Anyways, after years I have tried my hands at making greeting cards again.


Paper Quilled Birthday Greeting Card


Paper Quilled Greeting Card

Material Used

– quilling tool to roll paper

– a comb to roll paper

– Colored paper strips

– any adhesive (glue stick or fevicol)

– scissor

– you can also reuse old marriage cards (they are a store house of vibrant colored papers… just what I was looking for to create colored paper strips) and old Birthday cards (to cut out wishes)

Step 1 – Make paper quilled flowers and leaves

Make variety of paper quilled flowers and leaves using the coloured strips of papers, quilling tool and comb. The below videos by Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K and other links are excellent for learning how to do that.

Teary Loops Flower Tutorial

Lovely Loops Flower tutorial

Husking Flower tutorial

Simple flower Tutorial

How to make quilled card


Different types of paper quilled flowers made using techniques shown in videos above


Step 1 – Create a paper strip as shown


Step 2 – Roll the paper strip as shown


Step 3- Press the petals downward to make the flower

Step 2 – Arrange flowers and leaves in a design

Once you have the flowers and leaves ready, its time to arrange and stick them on your card.


Step 3 – Create boundary or add birthday wishes from other cards

Once you have the basic card ready you can embellish it by adding boundaries, or pasting wishes cut out from old cards. In my first card I have used cut outs from old card and in the second one I have added orange colored boundary.

DIY-hand-crafted-paper-quilled-flower-greeting-card-6DIY-hand-crafted-paper-quilled-flower-greeting-card-7DIY hand crafted paper quilled flower greeting card-16

Making these cards was not a difficult task but it took some time. But every time I look at them I feel so glad that I made the effort 🙂 ..

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So keep in touch and Happy Reading and Happy Crafting ..